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10 years clean party – (VLOG)

Oh Snap. I am ten years clean. So to celebrate I decided to throw a party and jam out, which includes me, my roommates, some of my best homeboys and […]


why not rap at denny’s about lulav and etrogs at 1:30 am in orlando? do it! it was post show of Matisyahu and we were just kicking it.

Bonhom – Live for now – Chik chik Plow!!

Bonhom explodes ont he scene and they are awesome. i think this is real music. u2-ish mixed with venice vibes…think big…real big. not coke…but PEPSI style. I want to go […]

Lots of things: videos, MC HAMMER, 5 am, success, TV contests

So there is just all kinds of great thigns going on . We (myself and flex mathews) completed a mini tour starting from Boston to Philly to NJ to NYC… […]