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top 16 things I did in 2016 – Kosha Dillz Gratitude Edition

top 16 things I did in 2016. 1. I didn’t get high or drunk once! That marks 12 years and 5 months to the date. Might be a small feat […]

10/21 Wednesday Friends Day! Check out Shinobi Ninja – “What if Times” video + Tour Dates

Not many people are working as hard as my friends in Shinobi Ninja. I describe it as PArty Rock met college wrestling drop meets Fishbone hanging out with Riff Raff […]

Kosha Dillz’ Awkward in a Good Way LP makes #19 on top 50 CMJ hip Hop albums of 2014 list!

OMG – We made it to #19 on top 50 hip hop album list on CMJ. This is a big deal guys. LIke look at all the people we are […]

DIY DILLZ #1 – 5 ways to make it work when you are sick

5 ways to make it work when you are sick Feeling off, like you’ll never be on again? Here are a couple things to do to make your time go […]

8 artists that Do the DIY for Chanukah and bring that light – by Kosha Dillz

Chanukah is sort of this story of miracles….where they only had enough oil for one night but it lasted for eight. Imagine if a show promoter had enough money for […]

off to san diego.but first..cmj 2009 recap!

ok…darshan ephryme, the drummer, the bastard hosts, the awesome guests, the pizza eaten outside of the venue, the flex mathews savior..three labtops and no sound guy, bekay,Diwon matt d, more […]