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Kosha Dillz – new album Premier on Billboard and TUPAC GONE FISHIN! VIDEO

Hey Dillzionaires and Dillzionettes, Kosh-ers and Kosh-ims, Today is the day. Tupac goes fishin!!

Rebel Diaz and C Rayz Walz are “CrAazY”- Music video is epic

these guys are really pushing it. I think as far as any Hip Hop duo with a movement of revolting against the “system” I think they got the most style […]

@c_rayz_walz “Expand” one of my favorite songs ever

i realized that this song was brought back over and over again when I bought this cd from C Rayz at Demerara’s for $5 in 2000. this song is amazing. […]

live at Le Poisson Rouge NYC recap

You can only imagine the awesomeness of a show!!! Shout out to over 200 heads in the the Building last night at Le Poisson Rouge. We made it to a […]

“6 years today” BLOG- all awesome things insert here!

ok i got some time under my belt now, enough time to explain childhood. I made this fire joint to a mr green beat and its been a classic ever […]