NACA and College Programs

Concert /Performance: Kosha Dillz concert at your school includes a 45 – 90 min set if needed.Best suited in club, auditorium,  venue experience. This can be combined with any other workshop/program below, but is also fine by itself. Kosha Dillz is also available to open up for large fall/spring concerts.

Film Program Discussion: Film program Discuss the documentary of Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: The Hustle to Happiness, a D.I.Y. film of a musicans struggle for success, happiness, and doing it all without drugs and alcohol. Q n A session after various short films. Program length is 1 hr.

Alternative alcohol free speaker program :Educational speaker Program Rami Even-Esh used to sell drugs the same way he sell his cds at shows; Known as “the hardest working man in Hip Hop” via Source Magazine, KD tied in his heritage along with incarceration, parole , probation and recovery to create the artist he is today. His work ethic has created many opportunities for himself, and he hasn’t slipped once. While your party school is known for the night out on the town, stay in for a discussion with a red carpet veteran, sip coffee, talk about your school lifestyle and listen to a story that you may need to bring a friend to. And yes…he’ll kick some rhymes after the session

How to become a Rapper in 45 min:  Educational / Comedy program. Includes commentary and comical twist that will leave you rhyming your way into your career. Sometimes comedians just can’t do it for your school , and a magician/hypnotist  can only make you disappear so many times, so why not create your own identity and give Kosha Dillz a run for his money?

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