Top 16 things in I did in 2016 – a Kosha Dillz gratitude list

For the life of me, I accomplish so many things I never give myself credit for. It is true. We need to give ourselves more credit. But we never do!

1. I didn’t get high or drunk once. That marks 12 years and 5 months since my last drink or drug. Might be a small accomplishment for some, but for me it is a big one. A good way to kick some ass.if you are ever interested in chatting about recovery, email me at

2. I went on tour with Kool Keith, a 53 year old rapper that never knew I wa on tour with him while touring with him. That was so amazing to me, I had to put it as #2. It was like incognito promotion. Was it really happening? haha. He is a legendary rapper from Ultramagentic Emcees. Always check out my tour dates here.

3.I had a Billboard Charting album.
What I do all Day and Pickle is my 3rd solo album, released on my OY VEY! imprint. It hit 6 different Billboard charts, including #43 on the hip hop and RnB Charts behind 2016 Grammy nominee Anderson Park. Check out my album here on iTunes

4. I Rode a bike from a concentration camp to Krakow.I did Ride for the Living, a 55 mile bike ride from Auschwitz Birkenau to Krakow, Poland where I performed 2 sets for 1000+ people in a 19 century synagogue. Make sure you check out

5. I curated the 2nd annual official SXSW showcase called OY VEY! which had acts all over the world from Pakistan to Israel and more in one room. The idea is bridging cultural understanding between a variety of acts incorporated with the jewish world.

6. I gave my 1st TedX talk in my life in Kazimier section of Krakow. The Ted Talk is called Freestyle Rap Saved My Life, and you can watch it here

7. Acted in my first movie that is in a international film fest I didn’t have a massive part, but I played a sleazy salesman from a store called Artsy Fartsy in a film that also features Angelo Moore from Fishbone and Ron Jeremy

8. Recorded an Anti-BDS anthem with Matisyahu called Dodging Bullets Me and MAtisyahu get hated on a lot for liking it a lot and talking about it. Being that we get people who hate our entire being for liking israel with no explanation (duh, I’m an israeli citizen and I’m a jew) people go out of their way to send us hate mail and boycott and send nasty messages. It was in response to the BDS Movement (boycott divestment and sanctions against israel) but also became something for the every day “bullets” we “dodge” in our lives. Watch the video here on youtube

9. Booked a 7 day tour in 7 days, from a synagogue to Sundance!
I decided I wanted to get across the USA, so in 7 days I made int happened and even filmed the whole thing. I went from Open mic to radio shows to a performance with Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott two nights in a row in Park City Utah.

10. #23 on Top Hip Hop albums in Country for College Radio.
CMJ had me in one of the top radio albums for college radio (CMJ). I was in between anderson park, kendrick lamar and other unknown rappers 🙂 lol. I was #23 in the top 50. Check the list here.

11. Wrote my First Yiddish and English Rap song with Kool Kojak, a brazilian mastermind of the Jewish arts, and producer of Matisyahu, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Kanye West. The song is Called Schmoozin! It is probably the best song I wrote in a while and I can’t wait till it comes out.

12.I Played a festival in Israel called Tune in TLV for a packed out house at a place called Kuli Alma where Napoloeon Dynamite has a massive picture in the background. Check out the festival here

13. I rapped at a funeral
My publicist from The Muse Box was named Nadine Gelineau. Unfortunately she lost her battle to Cancer and was fighting it down to the wire. They asked people to say a couple words and then people started screaming “rap ! Rap for Nadine! Freestyle!” I rapped at her funeral and got a standing ovation. Talk about a killer show. Nadine would’ve love it. We love you Nadine!

14. My Tour Resume is quite the braggadocio for 2016.
I am known to tour with some interesting works of music. This year I hit the road with Ballyhoo!, Matisyahu, 311, A-Wa, Gza of Wu Tang Clan, Kool Keith, Mickey Avalon and Turquoise Jeep Records. If you put all of them in a room, I think they would all have an interesting conversation about Kosha Dillz.

15. My music landed in a Official Sundance Select, The Skinny
I couldn’t believe my music landed in an official Sundance selection! Jessie Kahnweiler used to send me youtube videos and I was slightly impressed and even more annoyed on occasion. She literally jumped to the top of the world, was reviewed in Variety to New York Times, got me in Refinery 29 and also gave me the opportunity to rap for the head of Planned Parenthood. When she spoke in the Q n A at the sold out Egyptian Theater, I cried, because I knew it was possible to become famous off your weird art that no one gets. Watch the Skinny, a dark comedy about bulimia

16. My passover seder got into Billboard Magazine. It is called Matzahchella
Some people are ok with their seders being small for passover. Me on the other hand, I went to Coachella and threw my own passover party by having 5 mini seders, and also getting my “seders” into the press with the world. Who could imagine your seder getting into LA media and Billboard magazine? ME! I also got my matzahchella t shirts confiscated as part of the bootleg enterprise of coachella. CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE HERE

Well there you have it guys. i rapped in tons of states. Went to Tons of countries. Met Tons of people. Had sex with (not tons, actually barely any) of people. I street performed all over los angeles. I called my Mom a lot. I didn’t get high on drugs. I spoke at various rehabs, synagogues, and even flew to Mexico once on a completely random vigilante mission.

see you in 2017. I love you!