A vlog on addiction + sobriety - Mod Sun. - Kosha Dillz World

A vlog on addiction + sobriety – Mod Sun.

This dude is going through it. Being clean + sober. Addiction. How do you do it? How do you stay on course?
I think its courageous and I should be doing the same.
But regardless, one person helping one person is one helping the other.
A defining moment in why I respect this dude so much is when one person passed away on warped tour, they collected money for the kids family. Mod dropped $100.
2nd defining moment was seeing Mac Miller at the BET awards and I was watching him on the big screen. I thought to myself how happy I was to see it. It was such an epic moment to realize this guy was being worn in the biggest moment in rap. The Bet Cypher (at that time)

Put it on in the backround while you are doing your work.


Another twitter to check out in regards to helping musicians in addiction and recovery. @musicares

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