TedX Kazimierz – Freestyle Rap Saved mY life! – Kosha Dillz

I tell stories of rap. Actually I rap my stories in life and live in the moment. So much of our lives are stuck in where we want to be in the future, what we should have done in our past, and what if we did something different.
When you Freestyle, You prove to people that you can be present in the “right here” . I was stuck at the airport for 2 days literally and had to come here and speak on freestyling. I told my story of life, and how living in the moment and freestyling in life can make you successful in business, relationships, and closing the deal. It is truly the time when everyone is brought into your moment and you have a chance to lead them, because no one is more experienced in the area of “present.”

Freestyling has saved my life and created me a career in music!!

thank god for freestyling and helping me win.

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