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My Documentary of Life – 5 years ago till now. w/ Darah Golub

Only 5 years ago, I was sitting at my Parents house in NJ and posting on facebook with ideas of who may come along to help me create this documentary of some sort. My manager Brandon Dorksy of SupergoodMusic was encouraging me to move to LA and I wanted to do it. I convinced this girl Darah who was working for her father at Shalom TV. I had just finished recording my project with Belief (jesse shatkin) and getting ready for leaving my house for the first time since jails and tours and rehabs and 3/4 houses.

It was time.

We tried to create the life I wanted to show the world. The judaism. The hustle. The thirst for more. The answer. The final opportunity to “pop!”. We played shows with everyone we could’ve.
We realized that in this quest nothing that we thought really matters, matters anyway. We have done performances in gyms and walked down red carpets with the Rza. We have had successes and let downs and we are both finding ourself still! (so cliche, but it actually is a reality)

Check out some of our pieces and let us hope and pray that I have the courage to spend my $$$ on what I need to finish this film, as me and Darah have gone on to so many different parts of our lives and try to keep it altogether. Below are our pieces we have worked on together for the past 5 years, so please continue to follow our journey!

Darah is now part of a super awesome group called The Parlour Tricks and also hosts a podcast on Billboard called Soul Sisters. Follow her on facebook and twitter and instagram
2011 – Kosha Dillz is Making a documentary

2011 – Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: THe Hustle to Happiness

2011 – Kosha Dillz is in Omaha with Tennis

2011 – SXSWi and Dillz meet Mike Tyson

2012 – Limo Pass BET Awards

2013 – Rolling With kosha Dillz SXSW 2013

2014 – Rapping w/ Macaulay Culkin and the PIzza Underground

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