Preparing for Warped Tour. What a Kosha Dillz day looks like

call Miko
Musebox PR
USB pickle call
emai darah
Erez call
Miko and 12” vinyl
contact Ricky for CDS approval
Send flex song to record
send XP song
contact Riza for tent
Hit up Hari for Tees
confirm New Hampshire Hemp Festival
go to Cobra Fitness Club 9 am
Drink Coffee
Don’t eat crappy food.
tweet something meaningful
Tweet something stupid
fix kickstarter video.

figure out name for album

figure out what I am doing with my life
call mom and tell her I know what I am doing with my life
Tell mom to relay message to Aba about what I am doing with my life.
post links to buy stuff and try and make money
go buy kosher chicken from Ralphs
more coffee
go to Sick of Sarah show at the Roxy




– see ya soon.

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