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Vision Quest – From the Mat to the Madness

I was thinking of a series to start and for now, maybe I’ll call it talk about it tuesdays?
If you are someone who enjoys wrestling or even knows someone who does it, you can tell the kind of person someone is through it. In my life I went through drug addiction and wrestling. Lots of us have gone through and many wrestlers who were the best of the best, also loved the fame of being the best and the baddest. I don’t find it ironic that the theme song of one of the most influential movies of all time in my life and my family’s life could also have a music video that depicts what my biggest fears are, and also some of my biggest addictions.

THis movie reminds me of John Boy. John Boy was sort of the Louden Swain of the Woodbridge wrestler. Nisivoccia had me duck him my sophmore year and I was shitting bricks to actually wrestle him. When we all go to college, the story has it that he got into a fight and had a brick smashed on his head, and then he uppercutted the guy and knocked out his teeth. After we all dropped off wrestling and just sold drugs and did drugs, we got clean. John Boy had a kid , and got clean but went back one time and OD’ed and died.
Compare the two. Wrestling and cocaine. The rush of victory. The rush of a close match. The rush of being someone who is cheered for and the rush of being loved for what you are doing. It saddens me that this life has taken upon us. The quest for fame and money and glory. I wish I can lose the first two and lose the glory, but sometimes the other stuff comes to. Grateful to be clean. Big shout out to my bro who posted this on his facebook. I have gotten back my wrestling mojo and lost 20 pounds. Cheers to louden swain, John Boy Russo and Matthew Modine…the vision quest master. Lets hope we can all stay on the vision quest, and watch the John Waite song like it was in the film.

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