Dutch article and review of concert in Tillberg, Netherlands - Kosha Dillz World

Dutch article and review of concert in Tillberg, Netherlands

This is an article and review of the show on Saturday, June 28, 2014.  It was written by Justin van Groenendaal and translated by Dennis Bijl.


With a whole list of career things on his Wikipedia page Kosha Dillz’s first passion remains rapping…especially the freestyle rap. Furthermore this American does everything alone. Besides rap artist he is also his own DJ. Tonight he plays the hall of fame, in the beginning it may look like an empty venue but this is far from the truth.


Kosha Dillz, Festival Mundial, Hall of Fame, Saturday 28 June 2014


In the Deck & Decks Zaal Van de Hall of Fame people are just chilling just before the concert begins. As if Kosha feels what he can expect when he asks the crowd if they are ready for it. All he gets back in return is a lame woo hoo. And its then, when he decides to pump it all up. He is getting off stage and commands everybody to get off their stupid, lazy asses.  He wants pretty chicks, black people and drunken white people in front of the stage (serious? Yeah really!). He kinda drags everybody personally upfront. Not really a warm welcome but it really does work. Within a few seconds there is a whole crowd ready to party along with Kosha Dillz.
Each and every song of Kosha Dillz has got this unique thing. Each time before he starts a song he takes the time to explain things to the crowd. He teaches us a few lyrics of that song or a special move that comes in handy in that song. But there is one song where he really goes back to his roots. He tells the crowd he is gonna perform a Hebrew/Spanish song but that a certain times he wants us to scream   ‘’YES, YES!’’


Kosha Dillz

Already after a few songs Kosha shows his freestyle-skills, but then his claim to fame is there…He asks the people who are standing upfront to get an object out of their bags and place them on stage…and it’s not hard to guess what’s happening next, he is gonna freestyle a song about the objects…and how??? He makes a complete song out of the objects…. a passport, a postcard, piece of jewelry, sunglasses and the lyrics are just brilliant!!!


At the beginning of his gig there were not many people but from all over people are finding a way to his performance and the crowd is getting bigger and bigger. Kosha has got this thing that you really think he deserves an enthusiastic crowd. He makes sure everybody is involved when he performs, literally! He jumps into the crowd to dance with people, to pat them on the head or just to take a selfie with them. He even allows a boy who is taping the whole thing on stage so he can get a better view. Last year when he performed on Incubate he did it for just 30 people and now he has a crowd of at least 300 people here on Mundial. And he knows he can be proud of it…and he should because he done it all by himself.


This rapper came all the way from the States, did not sleep much, but he came with a mission to entertain us, to make it a party…and he succeeded!!! Even though he only stands there on his own…He asks the public to give a hand for his own DJ-skills, with the comment that it’s all a matter of iTunes and push the play button.  But who really cares?  If you want good hip-hop and party all the way, then Kosha Dillz in the Hall of Fame really is the place to be.


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