New posts: A quick Tour Recap x Israel recap

Hey guys.
Its been a minute since I posted so I’d like to apologize on not updating you all. Sometimes I get caught up in living but not actually in posting! Maybe there is a way someone can help? haha.
i’lll get some dont worry

Until then stay posted on all my new tunes coming out.

I went on tour. I met Yip Deceiver in Dallas. I was in the van for a while. We went to a lot of bars where smoking was allowed. I did it up in miami and met Jaime Foxx at a club. I hung out with crowds. I met kids from Athens. I met kids from Asheville. One Jew in Macon. Houston House party at the Moishe House. I played in 30 degree weather in Austin. It was all fun and dandy
I ate a lot of candy and didnt work out much. one time I went for a 2.8 mile run in Orlando. IN Houston I did a spin class and sweated to inspirational work out music by Akon.

I went to Israel from Asheville. Landed in Chicago. Then Newark. Then Tel Aviv.
After that I went home to LEvi Mifratz and met my folks. Went to the Wedding of my cousin and rapped and enjoyed. Met some cute kids and relatives of mine. Saw some people I havent seen in 20 years.
My parents went to the Dead Sea.
I took a bus to Tel Aviv and met this girl and she watched me rap on the street. It was the first time I performed on the street outside the USA.

In the end. I flew home. I had an extra space on the plane. Before that I went to My cousins in Ganne Tikwa hugged and kissed them and managed to get to the airport.

I met some peeps here and there….and this is the best part about it sometimes (telling the story)
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more posts every fay from now on starting tomorrow.

sincerely me!

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