TOUR BLOG 8 : I’m in Minnepaolis and yesterday was my BIRTHDAY

I can’t tell you how difficult it was to enjoy my birthday. Red Rocks was phenomenal and it kinda stole the show and the day after in BB KINGS NYC, I pushed through long flights and emotional hang overs. But this was pretty tight. Photo by jason Siegel Photography. Me and Matisyahu rocked the spot



My homie DJ Sidereal and photo fella, Paul WheatThins, picked me up to bring me to the show. Yesterday I shot a video with Gangsta Boo and Murs for my upcoming album. I bought a pair of sneakers today and My mom is forcing me to buy new clotrhes becuase she can’t stand to see me look whack on stage. I got a front/back hair picture from Murs yesterday at the video shoot and some girl who spoke fluent yiddish answered my craiglist ad for the video shoot. She was an ex-hasidic gal.

So many weird turn of events. the attitude is gratitude! I am really grateful for this tour. ALthough I am tired, I weigh 196 and have lost a good 15 pounds. Im gonna keep on keeping on in the gym when I can and really try to make it big in this music game. Rosh Hashanah is coming soon and so is Yom Kippur, and I have some ol’ people to own up to.

I like you all. A lot.

Love Kosha.

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