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TOUR BLOG 7 : From Oregon to Dc to Vegas – my life is outrageous

I wanna show you the pictures, but just imagine going to my facebook/ and Instagram to find the pictures. After a nice time in Jacksonville Oregon where I had that amazing coffee you get in small towns, I kicked it all night with Alex Woogmaster, a fellow emcee from Vermont who relocated to the Medford, OR area…and got dropped off to the airport. Miserable flight life, I ended up in DC…happily and readily available top lay the Howard theatre with my best friend Flex Mathews , who celebrated his birthday. We rocked the legendary Howard Theatre.

I happily flirted with ladies and rapped my way to stardom amongst Daniel Biltmore on the turntables, dipped out after the merch fest I had, and eventually landed at Flex Mathews pad. His room, is like a terrodome, where no man can sleep but it is his actual room where only a mad genius pens rhymes.


I am currently backstage in SLC, Salt Lake City, preparing for my one song to rock with Matisyahu. The night before we were at the cosmopolitan and I had that one night in Vegas situation, where I kissed Swedish rockstars, hung out with tattooed mothers, and the ever so familiar “what happens in Vegas stays In Vegas” rap line came to fruition.

The coo thing was the vegas merch people brought me back into the the room where they count all the money and paid me. Its been quite the adventure. Jack our food guy for Matis (the cook), won $1000 bucks.

I am sorta deprived of sleep and Matisyahu is mid set here in Salt Lake so I have to think of some awesome Jewish Mormon rap lines. Ok wait I just thought of it…if Jews and Mormons had sex and children…there would be MORE JEWS…lol!!!

Thats amazing.


make sure you make it to my show in NYC on sunday at BB KINGS

make sure you say hi to me at Red Rocks. Tomorrow.

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