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Tour blog 4: The Jupiter Hotel x Indie Hipsters of Portland

A day off in Portland means two things, Doug Fir Lounge and the Jupiter. I came here today and got to enjoy writing in chalk on the door, which is something I find solace with. Besides my inbox being attended to after an amazing seattle show (where my boy Wanz came through along with Sunny Bonoho and Jimmy Hooligan).

The day off was well needed. For me to explore all my frustrations and release lots of tension by doing nothing.

I think this is the way we should do it sometimes> i need to work out asap and go for a nice run. Its been a while since I worked out and rapping every day release toxins that help me think straight.

So portland is cool because, I watched Wampire open for The Smith Westerns ( I’m lying i missed wampire but i bought their tape). I already listened to the tape and thats tight.

had some sizzle pizza. now ill lay down and go to sleep. Simple blog. At some point driving today I aw a Rolling Stone truck trailer and realized there might be 30.000 magazines inside with Macklemore’s face on it.

I haven’t done laundry. Im more forward looking into options of buying underwear. Oh yeah. I came up on 600 plus cd of Beverly Dillz/ Freestyle vs Written today, so now I will have those cds but they are the only original copies left. Be sure to cop em while their hot. Which is like always.

Have you watched my Euro Trip?

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