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tour blog 3 – dilly daily -15 minute vacation (Montana edition)

A 15 minute vacation. I am going to take one of those today.

it consists of pictures instagrams. chanting in some river, getting free of obsessions, turning off communication….yeah.

Montana is so amazing, the sky is clear, the breath is real and everyone seems to travel from all over to this field of chilling and now amphitheater seating. It was a a place we could run around, jump around, and not answer to any law (just kidding).

I wore my American Flag shirt and everyone got real excited. it was liker the smartest thing you could do. After sleeping in oblivion and waking up exactly when I needed to, I snagged some hand towels to go river jumping at some point today. Even though I am by myself I will take 15 minute vacation today.

You have to take pics, relax, and jump in only when need be. Find some other people as well and ask them how their vacation is. The point of this vacation is to enjoy yourself in the same manner as all other vacations that are a few days to weeks longer.

Make sure you do it! If you want you can extend it to 30 minutes and even 45 minutes. I will let you know how it goes.

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Mazel Mazel.

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