Adam Melech – the 2013 New Years Fiasco – the Prince of Pico Visual

Adam Melech is a man of many hats, but most impotantly he wears them each correctly. I’m not going to say he has the best parties in the world, but they are the most interesting and enjoyable to go to out of all my friends’ parties, and I think he has a bright future in community organizing on a global level. (does that make sense? World leader I mean)

There is no greater feeling than Persian girls requesting top 40 and watching them get turned down while Adam spins his collection of Electronica, produces the event, and consults with eligible bachelorettes.

The only thing I wish is that the speakers were bigger than him, but damn…Mexican Kosher food trucks are def a good business to run.

happy new year 2013!

ps. If you are around 24th, Adam will be attending my show at the ROXY in HOllywood. RSVP VIA FACEBOOK HERE

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