What I did in 2012, is the reason why Ill kick you ass in 2013

10 reasons why i can beat your ass in 2013, because I did awesome stuff like this in 2012.

1. I landed a song (“cellular phone”) in a super bowl commercial and filmed myself watching it. 110 million people saw it in the 4th quarter. It was ranked #1 in USAToday.com for the top Super Bowl commercial of 2012.

2. I was on Warped tour on my first real tour bus. earlier in the year i was in a winnebago which was also like a tour bus. It was not. It was a winnebago.

3. I played Bk Hip Hop festival in front of thousands of people and Paid Dues festival in front of thousands of people. No longer am I not in front of thousands of people. I also hustled on stage to freestyle at Coachella and Rock THe Bells invited me to play a set on the NJ date of the festival.

4.. Did a tour with Rza – while his multi million dollar film was coming out at the finale of it. I attended the premier with Russell Crowe, RZA and Dave Bautista.

5.I walked my first two red carpets. BET Hip Hop Awards invited me to be in the cypher and i saw myself on the big screen , Walked the Red Carpet at the AMA’s and met Justin Bieber and Drake and I didn’t talk to Nicki Minaj because I didn’t feel like it.

6. I got accepted into SXSW for the 5th time in 6 years and threw my first SXSW showcase that was called “one of the best day showcases” by Boston Phoenix. OY VEY ALL DAY.

7. Opened up my own college booking agency, Oy Vey!, with NACA and invested in a new area of my career…college booking!

8. Bought my Protools set and immediately started earning income off of it via studio recording and guest appearances. Not only did I cut down my costs but I increased my productivity.

9. I performed at the London Paralympics half time China vs Turkey in wheel chair basketball.

10. I volunteered and stayed home in NJ during Hurricane Sandy for 11 days to help my community and family.

I need to remind myself that I do so much and achieved tons of greatness this past year so I can look forward to achieving more in my career/life in 2013. Not to mention, I paid my own health insurance from SAG, Car insurance, Rent, and stayed clean for 8 years and 5 months. I also helped people, and lived in LA.

Im stoked about life. I hope you are too. What did you do in 2012 that makes you think you’ll kick ass in 2013? Let me know!

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