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Suicide has def hit close to home for me so many times its insane. I remember when bill gerity passed away when I was a junior and the entire school was in shock. He had hung himself with a belt and the entire school went High to his funeral crying hysterically. A lot of people were straight and a lot of people went high. I went there and felt out of place but remember crying. It was intense for me t go but I think I went because it was something to do.

Then we had my friend Jake who committed suicide just the other year by cop. Suicide by cop is one someone attacks police to the point where they are forced to gun him down. Jake was in recovery and Bi-polar and stop taking medicine he was prescribed for his bi-polar medication. The sad story here is that eventually we forget these people to a certain degree and they go off into the part of our brain.

I get frustrated when I hear things like this because the evil ticker in my brain sometimes thinks of all the possibilities we can have if we stick together and go through it.
A girlfriend once told me that when you break up with someone you go through feelings like missing them, hating them, and loving them, and then not speaking with them for a while. And then… nothing. You get over it. Suicide seems to be the same for me in my life or atleast overdosing. A death happens and we care we hate we cry we love and forget if we are not that close to them.

As much as I want to leave this planet on occasion, I rather humble myself
and reach out for help. I have been embarassed, beated, kicked while I was down and more.This is a reminder that if you are going through some shit, someone else is out there that can help. Don’t keep it to yourself when you can share it. They say that pain shared is a way to feel less pain.

Every 13.7 minutes someone in the United States dies by suicide. Christmas is no exception. I hope we can spread love and light to the world that way we can save someone from making a wrong decision.

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