Bloggage not Baggage: Dillz mid week from aug 20-25 (pre-30) aug 26 - Kosha Dillz World

Bloggage not Baggage: Dillz mid week from aug 20-25 (pre-30) aug 26

So yo
this is kosha just getting in some writing. Why not blog it? I hit up Rock The Bells and have a lot of awesome events happening in the future. I want to say that I am grateful for chicago for i think this was my best appearance here. I rocked with mad heads…and hit up cleveland to do one of the best shows in my life with hoodie allen. I think it was the greatest show I had in a long time and I am very grateful for the brother hoodie. He is a dope MC and has very much carved himself a niche in fans that utilize the interent heavy. Staying with my home girl bridget lyons I have gotten my twin sista from another mista, we have the same birth date. I am excited to be living life right eset now. I had a show where i really connected with a city and fans to keep going. When you turn 30 you gotta write something. They speak on the age limit and at rock the bells im still quite young. here on the other hand, the kids are totally rocking to the future like hoodie allen. Like mac miller. What am I doing? i want to create more than ever… I gotta rock with kids. i gotta rock with kids.

I just want to thank everyone for rolling with me thus far. I gotta lotta cool ish coming:) The difference I know Im cool now. Took me a while to figure this out. But i think I’ve been kicking ass fora while now.

I have has a lot of humility in this process, and for that reason, I haven’t been humiliated so much. I think this music stuff takes a long time and as time goes along, you are still considered young. Im happy I stayed back and took so long to graduate college. I think my prior life took off so many years of my life (drug addiciton and drinking) that now I feel like Im 23 now.

good to have 7 years at 30.

ok…thanks guys. sorry for bad spelling.

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