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@Kreayshawn- Gucci Gucci – baddest bitch around

Kreayshawn is the illest out right now. She holds the crown. Not many people can translate that in one song…but she did it witha song and the video. She inspires me to publicize my hustle.
i will straight up marry this girl just for street cred. I love her. She makes me want to start selling drugs again and mobbing with the white girl mob and bagging up weed and smoking it. yeahhhh
“yeah serving fiends under the golden gate.”
people don’t know I use to do stuff like that…now…I’m a jewish rap superstar that raps for kids.

so who is kosha dillz
Jewish street rap hustler/ publicist/ DIY merchandise murderer/ stay on vacation best nation donation/

yeah this shit gets me going. GUCCI GUCCI

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