A3C and Some East Coast Action

Hey everyone,
Shout out to Kim, an assitant of mine from Michigan, helping me out along the way. I’m in the back of a Kia updating you on these dates from my Blackberry if you are wondering.
So far we did a lot. Eastcoast dates in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, New Jersey, North Carolina, and we hit A3C today in Atlanta.

In the midst of that I went out to LA and played the Music Box (old la fonda theatre) and got to perform two days in a row (140conf). During that time, I linked with new management (super good music) and I’m looking forward to some cool futuristic happenings.
Yeah I’m gonna be famous.
Oh yeah I’m on FUSE this month with Doo Doo and also got CMJ coming plus 3 dates with Duckdown.

I’m also in NBA 2K11 with my own character…
I always have mad stuff rocking. More importantly, I have nothing so exciting to write about I decided to make new songs for my new album. It’ll be all done in November. Be excited.

Oh yeah I’m losing weight too. Being healthy. I’m vegetarian on road unless I can have Kosher Meals.
My favorite place was Winston-Salem, NC. After missing two flights that day, I got to a club where everyone was wearing yarmulkes.

I love you all. Thanks letting me live for a living.


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