september 11th. from LA- my take on things.

Its just something you have to do. 9 years ago i was high on drugs and woke up out ofa “who knows what.” 200 Hamiton ST. New Brunswick was beginning to be a horrible place to live and I was in the process of quitting division 1 sports to be a full time loser/drug addict/dealer and dropping out of school.

I remember trying to do laundry and watching the replays of the plane hit the towers and thinking oh man.

Last night this beautiful rapper girl name parisia. It was obvious her features were that she was iranian. She came all the way from las vegas and was just a gorgeous girl, with a microphone around her self in necklace.

it goes to show you that whether our leaders want to shoot each other, and whether our TV says we are at war, one on one we can just judge each other based on beauty as humans, beauty from talent, and beauty from appreciation of each other as people.

Break the hate and reach out to someone you would’t normally talk to today. Black, Israeli, Persian, Pakistani, White, whatever you are or see, wherever you are in the world, and smile. Represent who you are correctly for YOU, and not your television reporters who depict you a certain way.

RIP to all our fallen soldiers and heroes whose lives were taken.

At the end of the day we all swim in the same oceans.

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