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a day at the diner- NJ return from european tour

hey guys..im back..I know it makes me wanna close my eyes while I think about eligible jewish single women, New Jersey Diners, and other great stuff like my Mom’s homecooking and my Aba’s BBQ.

I have a string of shows coming up and Im not so excited<-----SIKE I really am I'm prepping for my experiences on stage with my friend Cyn City at the diner (omega) She is making a blog called "Kosha Dillz Friends" on what its liek to be my friend. It probably won't be soooo interesting (being my friend) but she is really cool and does music and has a cool life so why not listen to her. She's also gonna help me run some of my stuff. In short you probabaly want a summary of the shows. <strong>I toured Holland Belgium and UK.
I played for thousands of people.
I made a lot of money. I only lost a couple things.
I gained alil bit of weight (2 -4 pounds usual for me)

I did not have sex with lots of prositutes and drunken women in the red light district.
I drank lots of tea with biscuits. I drank lots of cappucinos in holland and also the coca cola cans are better.
i watched holland beat brazil and uruguay and Museupleid and flew to st petersburg aftr my last show with Jack Parow.
I hung out with SNoop DOgg and didn’t smoke weed.
I performed for lots of people and thought, “how did this happen?”

stay tuned.

Im playing tomorrow at BB Kings with Duck Down Records.

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