`update blog- euro tripping`! belgium and eurostar

hey guys i gotta update you on a blog. `

just imagine playing in groot birgaarden,
it was quite amazing. `it was a teen house. `i thnk that all my tee shirts were taken and given out and i sold some cds and gave lot out but i hung out with kids who were 17 18 years old all night. my homie ben brought me out and saw me rock some good shows in holland and this show was massive fora monday night. `i saw myself at the show…just covered in grime smoke and smell, all while enjoying the the same exact thing i hated about it. `not a lot of people.
a lot of noise.
a lot of love
a lot of debauchery.

`there was more weed here than amsteram, and the object freestyle looked like there were 2 items and 7 joints on stage.

luckily, the crowd and myself got a chance to connect. `ill be back out in this little small venue, so `i hope to see you then.
belgium ahs great sweets, pretty places, and a castle with the soldiers that wont budge.

i bought ice cream wafffles, train tickets and met a guy name `neil from new zealand who runs a 4 minute mile.

i flirted with every girl i saw and basically managed to get to amsterdam agin to watch holland beat brazil.
““`slept a bit misse dmy euro star and got on alate one. `the day before i got strawberry juice all over me from belgium to holland and i could care less.

today i met with a friend of mine (brother of former yeshiva mate) and did nandos in camden lock yard. i hope i can blog better next time but im looking forward to meeting a girl who lives close to me. (like a NY show)
oh yeah imet the national on the street and they sucked…but i think they were just tired, becuase they rocked,,,if that makes any sense.

i rode a bike around holland and my butt hurt.

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