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Hey guys its been only the3rd day. and so much has happened. Just imagine…crappy virgin airlines…18 hours ?? wow thats some delay. I arrive to London only to grab my mega bus ticket for a 730 voyage and haul everything around. The funniest thing about getting to London is that when you get on the tube.
its called “cock-fosters”. That just makes me laugh.! check it out…i head out to leeds..crazy night . i get up with Jed 104,a dj who saw me play with Raekwon when i bum rushed his show. His wife and friend greet me at this boogie club called Oceana and eventually we head out to to his pad in York. His wife drives on the wrong side of the road, but I get used to it, and realize this is York, not New York. Jed proceeds to look back and speak to me, and I keep getting nervous.

Next day we head to london and Im in trafalgar square spitting game to the ladies and all. I get a free bus pass and i’m all jolly. People use words like Brilliant and Proper. I head to the top of the trafalgar hotel where Jed is Dj’ing and realize that I will not make it to Shabbat, nor a meeting, so I decide to

We hook up…with Jed 104 and the homie Andy Freshney and good ol’ Idun (geoffrey) who basically rip on each other all night smoke mixed salads and crash a late night spot for food. Mind you. the late night food spots are funny.
it was here where I decided to be kosher. the guy says we don’t have vegetarian burger. i decided to say i’m vegetarian and he gets me this thing that is like “ehh” but I eat it anyway and Im so exhausted we proceed to kick raps at freshney’s. I can’t believe I ate that. it was like the grease trucks in new brunswick but with the possibility of foreign disease. London food is crap.

We are sorta like the movie swingers but in london and the boys are from York. The only deal is one of us is a Jewish Rapper, the other a married christian DJ with a daughter, and two single london-ites who, in september, head the entire street wear division of Stussy and Supreme for all of Europe.

SO thats how I got laced in all this fresh gear mind you, which happened the day later. We eat veggie stuff, and i head into the office of Stussy. ALife, Supreme and all of it. They’re al different desks. Its like christmas! Im not sure what christmas is , but I bet its what its like. (like Chanukah!)

So i get to pick whatever I want from this top shelf. Also an Alife store goes out of business and has all this stock left over so it gets to be on our feet. Why thank you fresh! in the name of awesomeness i buy a train ride which is just expensive as my flight, and enjoy the hell out of it.

Now I hit Bolton last night and managed to fall in love with a 18 year old girl name kaylee who cant pronounce anything I may understand (8 is ehhh and 0 is cerooohh) followed by crashing at the homie Mauri the chef’s house in manchester. In turn a 39 year old woman comes over who has a 13 year old kid, and i proceed to tease my life since its late and flirt with her, all to find out she has a kid and how old she is the next day. SO basically the age jump was 10 younger to over 10 older.

sheesh. I was given a a ride to my gig in a utilities van today and then rapped, and was invited back for a festival in aug 26-30. in London called Limmud London.

my life does not suck.. tomorrow i play with snoop dogg in amsterdam.
stay tuned.

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