hard workers in 09 show 2010 now-tah hip hop.

blogging about me is one thing. bloggin about life is another. Blogging about the guys who impres you from their hard work and dedication.

so many are saying I cant wait for 2010.! i cant wait for 2010!

well how about now.

this is a guy I have been working with and continue to help i coach a wrestling team and they wonder how success is hit.
i used to spend $$ on wrestling to become better with out any competition. Then the competition came and we were prepared to steal the show.

Rap is the same. Steal it. Pig Pen lets us know his plans and made the flier with out the dates to build anticipation. he just told us hes coming to a city near you.

simple flier. Hard core . And he’s bringing the boys Pat Maine and YZE with him. Ive seen dusk before, and he is a solid fella. Im sure Dumb Luck earns his spot as well. Regardless or not. if youre ready to bust you butt to get the job done, step it up two fold and maybe you’ll get an opening slot on one of these shows.

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