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tour blog 25-ish…Florida times

hey times are tough on these streets…sike! im out in flordia relaxing with homies lil boy and just got back from hanging with del the fucnky and bukue one and A-Plus, Zac hendrix…..tamphiphop and the gang…
makes you tnink about book ideas when im out…every moment every second…it all counts and you never know when youre gonna go to get the next best inspiration-idea…

when it is time to go on with a great moment of inspiration. where am I going to find that moment where I really feel I can its the insatiable quest.!!\

ONE DAY YOU FIND THIS GUY…NEXT DAY ITS another store owner…then its another person who has this chance for this thing…
you ultimateluy never know the true test of dedication because your level of success is redefined every day. I guess the ticket is to be grateful not only, that you have the talent to make your love into a job, but you also get to enjoy your job and enjoy the moments whicfh you push for…

dont stop …florida detorit..rochester, nj, nyc, africa…there is more out there adventurers…it gets better!!!

never do i think one night with these guys,,one night those guys, one night with trevor hall, one night with raekwon, on e night with matisyahu…one night with travis mccoy of gym class heroes. wowowo!!

last shows are coming andrews hall in the detroit and Rochester later than NYC…!!

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