tour blog again..15 or something

so im in richmond at a paneara and just got done speaking to a bucnh of students about my life.
the end

VCU- cirginia commonwealth university shout to KB levin! the hillel is rad..and the hillel director is even radder and pimping in panera
I can tactually think for myself right now so im just bloggin for my energy enrgy field come from the blog..the blog is so is the sauna..last night at the NOrva (top 5 venues in rollingstone magazine)

it was a great time to have and now im just chilling…it makes you think how exhausted you can get….promoting and sending and signing and sleeping driving performing selling talking introducing hanging and jumping and working and writing and blogging abd blogging and blogging till you spell everything wrong.

i do have sort of some MGMT now and that is really cool to have help. maybe I will be uber festival guy this year. Maybe my album will be nymeor uno on CMJ. maybe i will sell tons of cds tonight.. i think the more rest I have th best it will get. the bester..the better.

today…i gotta go shopping for underwrear and socks..because its cheaper to do that rather than…do laundry…

im going to throw out my old underwear and get new ones.and socks…well i lose all them anyway

call my next album
the case of the missing socks: a detective story.

BTW…im gettin press and stuff on my album as well…my MGMT team will be posting…

just google beverly dillz!! and buy it if you can!

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