tour blog!! we on mtv and desmoines!! iowa tonight - Kosha Dillz World

tour blog!! we on mtv and desmoines!! iowa tonight

hey good people..last night i edned up in Lincoln Nebraska with Mad Happy and the baby and the dog…yes thats right..they travel with them all and actually perform with the dog on stage. it was a fun time and we all made a few dollars if that to keep it moving to our favorite coffe shop…
MEADOWLARK…a pretty tight place to go eat and what not…

I hope you all love it if you ever come here.
Im going over the radio events that are coming up and realize that I will be making a trip to florida…seeing that the Used are playing and Cage the Elephant that I havea chance to play in front of many people in Florida…and that the weather sucks…im gonna come there…

ok…now…I need to go get my new car to drive to des moines from Omaha…so please comtinue to post comment on my travels..and let me say…Lincoln..Duffys tavern will never be the dame after last night…drink coffee be organic..keep it real with your boys..or soys..
oh btw…pollstar has all the dates up where you can buy tickets for these events…

so go to poll star kosha dillz!

oh yeah ….my al;bum comes out soon…hope you get it. you can always get it while im on tour.!!! come see me!

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