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live in berlin===!! and official music video! our blog 6-7and half

hey guys..
i hope this all finds you well as much as it does me…now I am off to the great part of tour..i have survived the butts and blokes..first off a great shout out to Akil of jurassic 5 who held me down for three shows in inviting me up for some freestyle fun and repping in the England

Now i am off to multiple sold out shows with Matisyahu.
I also have a music video that is getting great burn! I hope you all love it so much and can get it out to your friends…
lets keep spreading the news!!

I slept at heathrow airport and also rocked in brixton. Im not so much up for their revolutionairy tactics in london, but I was happy to do Simchat Torah witha Wimbledon Chabad and read some Torah as the Cohen in the house.
Also, leaving London I switch to Coffee again. i bought multiple chargers tonight but none actually transform USA to Euro…German people voice creep me out I think if the chick from an old school Wienershnitzel movie mixed witha drunk arnold schwartzenegger but all in all, I am not having flashbacks of the holocaust which I thought of…

most of the guys i met in london i think could beat up the german people (who have been very nice to me)…but theyre very into metal here..i hope its not some craz stuff..i did see some racist ish in the bathroom, none more than an other bathroom racism writing on the wall but…hey…i wish i had a “cellular phone” and a girl this pretty with tatoos here but…you can atleast listen to the song and enjoy your day and call someone up on your “cellular phone” and tell them you love them!!

All i have is email overseas…

and with that..lets debut my video…:cellular phone” produced by Belief. and directed by Robbie Barclay..

thanks for all who participated.

next stop..??the stage

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