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Kosha Dillz Stuck in London- TOur blog 2

Here it is ladies and gentlemen…
Me live from starbucks..paying about 8 dollars for the hour on interent…few things you should know.

1. expensive
2. Fog..its real..london fog is real
3 Jesus is promoted on hip hop fliers
4. the subway system is intense…its called underground
5. Tube is like railway system…a tunnel is a tube.
6. addiction is really addaction
7. i gave them 100 USA and got 53 back in English Pounds.

i havent experience tea time and just got here to the gig…unfortunately there is no gig becuase Rza cancelled so your boy is now looking to do gigs!!

and now by this…i am looking to do more and more..work and have a ticket to Ireland…its called hustle..you gotta hustle…lets see what happenes…good news is though ill be fine tonihgt as 700 tickets are sold and ill be performing at the gig.rokcing the house..just not on stage..haha

well…wish me luch..and wish my bank account more money for these interent connections…

I also saved $40 us by changin my phone plan for two weeks…if you do verizone…hit them up when you leave the USA even for a few days..it helps $$$..and you can even leave messages.

hit me up guys..ill need your support..i found a couch tonight

xo kosha..

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