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Hey Sue just sew me,sue me,sioux me? HIP HOP WORD PLAY

hey everyone…we all love word play in hip hop. People play off things like “hey that’s money,money” (hey that physical greatness or actual money, mister)
Hey that’s NACHO CHEESE (not your cheese, symbolizing money)
Other words such as CHAMP come in to mind. I am the “champ” of a spot, and I also “champ” a black and mild cigar. (<----famous cigars in hip hop, next to dutch master and Philly cigars) Today I have decided to use the girl SUE. Please follow my rhyme. She expands far into the rhyme. I met this girl named SUE.

what koinkydink today…in certain times of craziness, one may get SUED!

That is going to court to SUE someone.

Now if you rip clothes up… some one will SEW them back together.

If you are on tour next week and your name is KOSHA DILLZ you will be in SIOUX CITY.

hey that’s me!

if you didn’t know how to rap…well hey..borrow mine guys:)show it off to your friends at school.
be sure to check sites and order some cool stuff from kosha dillz:)

In his spare time kosha dillz likes to eat at Perkins for breakfast, walk his dog Arnold and figure out ways to take over the world one blog at a time while from his parents new couch



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