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Kosha On The Couch Columbus:)

hey everyone….Life is but a dream. I sweated off a good two pounds on stage last night and had my frist near perfect set with yak ballz as the hype guy.

If you think about funny cultural advancement, We might be the first Iranian-Israeli team that doesn’t give a fudge pop about all that stuff…more funny stuff…
political jokers would gasp that the Jewish kid is backing up the persian?

i think its cool..all though we don’t care anyways. yeah leh bleh..i don care…
bleh bleh (inside joke-now I’m rich)

OK so in columbus i met with my friend Stephanie and she is super fly Lexus style. Last night for shabbos after the show we ate challah bread she baked for me so when I got home we killed the challah bread. That’s why the heading of the blog is challah bread.

i though this morning when i have these shows coming up, that i really want to have a stronger set. yak’s set is so tight that I just feel this year is gonna be a step up…anyways. We definitely know how to rock it…just look for yourself!!

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