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needed vacation to Israel

What better place to go to on a vacation. Sometimes we work so hard in this music business, we forget that the resting part can help us more than hurt us. You don’t want to end up like this guy, washed up ashore, because you worked to hard.

To me, vacation is investment. Relaxation is necessary. People pay tons to relax. Look at those Chinese massage chairs in the mall. Ten dollars for ten minutes. My back at this point is stiff as a mother
(and you know mom can be stiff)

I plan on going to Israel to relax and revitalize in my country’s sun. I love the sweat i endure there, the sea water, and the dead sea as well. The air is clean and not new Jersey. i walk in sandals the whole time and my feet get tan. I come back home and I am bronzed for a grueling one month fall tour to support the new LP and the album release on September 10Th at the knitting factory. For my first release, i want to come form the Holy Land. 1400 fora ticket, but my Sapta (grand-ma) will never forget that i came to visit her and relax in the sun of Eretz Yisroel.

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