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couch surfing in the USA

kosha“party people come on..grey poupon get ya groove on, date chicks break up move on!”– kosha dillz

anyways…if you are a touring musician or anyone that is looking fora good time, be sure to hit this thing up. I have never used it, because when i am rapping I seem to find people who wish to house me up all the time anyways. On the other hand, i first learned about its capabilities when a bunch of hot chicks in pensacola were talking about it when I managed to score a spot on their couch.

One girl Rebecca proceeded to ask me whether I was from
I replied, “Im too underground for that.”

this hot stud puppy above was super nice to rest on. I kinda got two nights…at this wonderul humble abode, but i can’t realy tell you waht happened publically in that house….ohhhhhhhh yeahhh..boyyyyyy

a couch surfers dream come true! haha. No seriously, I cant break the couch surfer code. If you dont know what that is….well you just don’t know than do you!!

For those who arent so street savvy like Kosha Dillz, feel free to sign up for couch

Its a free way to go and get more cool friends on the road and you dont have to let them sleep on your couch. normal people can opt for coffee.

for more coffee talk and cuddling on the couch raps check out Kosha Dillz myspace page

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